Ruby on Rails...
  • Here is an interesting article
  • Does make sense, it is a misconception that Mvc is only reflected in Rails and that Php Applications can’t be designed in the Mvc pattern.

  • Ahh, I like this article. It doesn't directly put Ruby down but instead indirectly suggests to use it to build on your knowledge on good design patterns.

    Thankfully I've skipped the two years of redesigning everything in Ruby and gone for this MVC in PHP anyway. (more than lucky...) I realised that my old code was leaning towards it in the first place and love it to pieces. However, with PHP I've been running through different designs, trying to get it right. It's getting there though! :)

    Nice find.
  • PHP has a great active community and thanks to all of them it is what it is.
    in my own perspective, the difference between PHP and Ruby or Java for example is that
    it evolves really fast and provides the market with the solutions it demands.

    I fear that a lot of people would turn their backs on PHP because it moves too quickly and many servers
    are stuck with old code, PHP4 for instance.

    but anybody that is serious about development knows that code needs maintenance.
    and that the market moves, and thus the implementation should.

    Kazuyoshi Tlacaelel
  • Interesting article by the way!:face-smile:
  • I think a larger part of the problem is to do with PHP not having strict enough standard on _how_ to code well with it. Thankfully the default php.ini is a lot better than it was a few years ago. Besides that, the next thing a programmer can do is to call error_reporting(E_ALL|E_STRICT); (yes, strict too) and provide very clean, organised, and efficient code.

    There's also no reason why servers can't run PHP 4 and 5 at the same time though.

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