XML Character encoding detection using PHP4
  • Hello :face-smile: ,
    I have a application that takes xml and throws out some formatted html.
    Now, I want to restrict users xml whose encoding is utf-16 due to
    various reasons. How to I check if the encoding of a document is utf-16
    using PHP 4. If not possible in PHP4 are there any unix “in built” utlities
    like iconv / xmllint that can be used from php to check the same.
    Also, I don’t want to rely on the “encoding=” that the user puts in his

  • I'm not 100% up to scratch with utf (although I really should be), but out of curiosity (and a hunch), what happens if you just echo the utf-16 input straight back to the user? Is it displayed the same? (You might have to set some encoding header to get it right though)

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