url is stripped of some characters
  • Hi, I have a mapping program that searches and returns property information. When a property is selected, it returns all the known information including zoning, Id, acres, etc.

    I'm trying to fix a lookup script that returns a url for the specific zone that is listed. I do this via php lookup file. However, the link that is returned is different than the one I put in the php lookup file. For example,


    is returned as

    The $fn and $cp is stripped out generating a 404-type page error. Is there a better way to set the url in php so that it is strictly read?

  • Maybe you need to escape the $, otherwise it thinks that the fn and cp are variables? What is a php lookup file?
  • thanks, i'll look into escaping the $... The lookup code php just matches the result of the zoning query with its url link to the zoning code. So the sile has a lot of this:
    $lookup['Zoning']["R-1"] = "Residential Low Density (4 units / acre)";
    $popup['Zoning']["R-1"] = "http://www.amlegal.com/nxt/gateway.dll?f=templates$fn=altmain-nf-contents.htm$cp=California%2Fgridley_ca$tt=altmain-nf.htm$3.0";
  • Escaping the $ with a /$ worked. Thanks!
  • Hey there, thank you for this information resume writing!

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