Bugs on Browse Filter Display
  • I have a new website that has a display issue that my developer has had issues with for over three months. I'm not a developer so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The problem is that my filter selections for searching members do not hold once I start to move from page to page. For instance, I select all members between the age of 19 to 36, that are from alabama, and drink., then I select a specific way to display these members and press submit. The request is granted and maybe I get four pages of members. However, once I go from page one to page 2 or page 3 and so on, eventually the display format selected reverts back to the original default display of that page. How can this issue be resolved? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.:face-smile:
  • Indeed very useful for me, Thanks for sharing.
  • Yes,I see.This is very important.
  • Thank you for the information. Waiting for new info.

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