PHP 5 + MySQL 5.6 Hosting
  • Hello everyone,
    as you know we did pioneer the free hosting for programmers back in 2003. We are considering opening a new free cloud  hosting solution for programmers. This will include 1 GB of space and access to both PHP, MySQL 5.6, Perl Python and perhaps other packages (nosql ? ROR)? 

    The free hosting would be restricted to programmers for hosting sample codes, scripts etc. and to participate in our upcoming competitions.

    We would very much welcome your input on these points:
    a) Would such a free hosting be attractive to you? why? 
    b) If yes which options would you like to be part of this free hosting package?

    Please post a comment below if you are interested in the 1GB Free Hosting

    Thanks in advance for your feedback,
  • Great! I've always wanted to try these trendy new database engines but was too lazy to install and configure everything.

     I want something where I can just plug in my code ( with minimal changes if possible ) and then hit it with some benchmark tools :D

    I don't care much for ROR but who knows maybe I'll try python since everybody praises django so much :)

    What's with MySQL 5.6 isn't that still in development ? 
  • It's good to know you're interested.

    MySQL 5.6 is the fastest MySQL I've ever seen till this day. It has a lot of optimizations. On the same machine 5.6 vs 5.1 would get amost 10x speed with innodb ( mostly because it has the new innodb plugin ). I also found it to be faster then 5.5.

    Yeah it's not stable but we like trying new things and living on the edge a bit :)
  • Im interested , thank you
  • I'm insterested specially if you offer nosql like mongodb.
  • Dear Dot Geeks,
     Im Interested at your hosting. I'll be glad to test it.
  • I am iterested. I study PHP and Mysql ,and I would like to see what is new in 5.6 version and test some scripts.
  • yo estoy intresado....
  • Dear Dot Geeks:
    I love the idea of free PHP space; where do I sign

  • I am interested. 
  • Great! I'm interested.
    Will it be PHP 5.4?
  • i am also.
  • definitely you should provide .most of the normal hosting providers dont support python,perl and it will be beneficial for the programmers to host the code and try.
  • @shvelo yes it will be 5.4 :) thanks for your feedback
  • i'm interested
  • That will be coolest thing to do.. :D
  • That would be a truly great idea, I'm kinda interested... :D
  • It would be nice!
  • The best thing is that we will be able to run python ... and some other things as well ...would make a great workbench for platform selection.

    It can be quite demanding to install & configure multiple things on your computer
  • Can I deploy and test an application in there? If it's so, please grant me access.

  • Hello Romero,
    yes this will be available soon. We will contact you as soon as the application system is up so you can apply for the free hosting :)
    Best Regards
  • Hello, estoy interesado en el hosting que debo hacer ?

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