What do you think about PHP 6 ?
  • As you probably know the PHP Core Team will cease development for PHP 4. I recall when we started offering free hosting on PHP 5. Now perhaps it would be the right time to check PHP 6. Have you already done so ?

    Would you need a PHP 6 Free Hosting ? :face-devil-grin: (deja-vu)


  • Hey.

    To be honest I haven't checked it out yet. I read some of its features lists tho, but nothing more. The reason for that is simple enough:

    1) PHP/Zend has a history of releasing buggy, unstable code. It happened with PHP 5 (I clearly remember some stuff related to class inheritance crashing with the first release), so I don't feel inclined to trust them on PHP 6.

    2) Incompatibilities! PHP x usually causes problem when trying to run PHP (x - 1) code; for example, the object support in PHP 4 required using the "&" operator massively (and in places where it seemed completely inappropriate). However, PHP 5 just went "syntax error" on you when trying to parse the same code.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I will migrate to PHP 6 at some point, but ... not right away. I'll try it first on a dev box, have a look at what crashes; then I'll wait a bit and try it a second time, at which point I'll start porting. The pain of porting a 60k lines PHP app is a bit too much to just jump in the wagon.

  • In this case a PHP 6 free hosting to try might be useful. We did the same back then for PHP 5 and seemed to be pretty popular !
    We are working on it, organising the sever etc.

  • I could also host a few people's sites. However this wouldn't be free as I'm trying to meet server costs. It would include a shell account, adequate disk space and traffic. Adequate meaning, to meet your needs and not hamper others. (5GB usage if needed?!). It currently has PHP 5 and MySQL 5 with PHP 4, 6 and MySQL 4 (and many others...) installed on demand.

    The prices would be dependent on how well used your website is and lie somewhere between £1 to £5 a month. For example a development website would be at the lower end and a production website using 30GB of traffic would be higher.

    Yes, this is a blatant and very cheeky :face-monkey: advertisement but I'm doing this to help cover my server costs. Not make a profit. :face-angel:
  • Yes of course... everybody says that... come on....
  • Haha. I truly do mean it. I'm renting one for a project of mine (however that got delayed...) so it's generating no income whatsoever. If I was aiming to make a profit, I wouldn't be handing out a shell for such a low price. Any profit I do make it'd be around pounds a month, not even the tens!
  • I think providing PHP6 hosting would atract more users. But it should be more moderated. Last time many peopoe signed up and then used it as regular storage and then whined when their account disappeared. You should give like 10MB to start off, and if they need more and they are using it properly (PHP 6 Development) give them more. You should also include some clause that once PHP6 becomes semi-mainstream that hoting will be shut down.
  • Namespaces.. isn't it? Isn't that all Php6 could be about?
  • yes it should get better than the old hosting ...however it has to be more controlled and given only to people using it to test/host a site
    vs. storage. Thanks for sharing NSA :)

  • TSeeker, I posted about PHP problems on the ASP vs. PHP thread:

    PHP verses Classic ASP and ASP.Net

    Some seem to think that PHP is perfect, but I posted about problems I had with PHP and why I considered ASP/ASP.Net instead of PHP.

  • very interesting article ... I hope this will continue
  • funny !!this is so cool!!

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