What would be the best and fair Members Selection for the PHP 5 + MySQL 5.6 Hosting ?
  • Many thanks for your feedback and for the great interest. We would like to ask for your suggestions regarding members selection. 
    We are currently thinking about several options like:

    a) Ask for code samples;
    b) Request 5-10 Facebook friends to vote for you and confirm that you might benefit from this free hosting without abusing it;
    c) Arrange a coding contest and allow participants to benefit from the free hosting. The contest will also include prizes e.g. tablet (android or iPad) for the winner and other prizes for place 2 or 3;

    What do you recommend ?
    Thanks in advance !
  • I would like a) or c) the best. b) would cause problems for people without a facebook profile, or people who don't want to bother their facebook friends.
  • thank you for the suggestions Nick and Welcome to Dotgeek! we have now resorted to just asking some info and when is something that makes sense (vs. one liners) we will approve it .

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