Free Hosting now Opened !
  • The free secure hosting for Ruby (camping, sinatra) PHP + MySQL is now available at
    This will give you and with SFTP access.

    As it is now in beta you will need an invitation key. If you don't have one follow the instructions on the site to get one.
    Let us know what you think !
    Best Regards
  • And invitation codes ?
  • we have sent you the code on Facebook ! let us know if everything is fine
  • Wow! One for me please :)
  • Nice project. :)
  • thanks a lot :) we are now changing the signup process to make it easier to signup. It should be live tomorrow or Thursday
  • It is not possible to apply without key at just explain in the about you field why you need the hosting and it will be approved shortly.
  • Thank you sooo much! what an awesome service! zero to website in 30 mins, using CakePHP... please allow us php ppl to enable that would be an excellent addition!
  • I'd love to hear some details about the free hosting. Namely how much bandwidth and storage you've got to offer.

    And the server's clock seems to be running 5 minutes fast, which I guess means there isn't syncing with an atomic clock somewhere.
  • Hello Ping,
    at the moment we do not have a limit in terms of bandwidth but obviously some fair use common sense will apply. The storage is limited as this is only reserved to test and run web apps (or keep a blog) and not to store files. It is a soft quota in the sense that we will be willing to increase it if needed. We are using SSD drives so it is certainly not to offer any storage solution whatsoever. Will check on the clock ;) thanks
  • we have added more information at
  • @davidcoleman
    mod_rewrite enabled now let me know if all is fine :)

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