PHP Marathon Idea
  • Here is the initial idea for the welcome back marathon :)

    - 30 days timeframe
    - 1st Prize Ipod Video 80 GB
    - 2nd and 3rd price 100$ and 50$ Gift Certificates for or

    new, quick applications. Not hosted on dotgeek but on your own server/space. You post on Dotgeek the links and other users can comment on it.

    Best code decided by the jury.

    What do you think ?

  • Prizes look - awesome! How many people are you expecting to enter?

    I think that you'd probably get a better turn out if it was more specific but still with a fairly large scope. I'd also worry about "Best code decided by the jury." seems a little, one-sided. Is this going to focus on design? Code format? Speed? etcetc. At least something for the right direction! and what do you mean by "new, quick applications?"

    Arrrgh! See the panic and stress you've caused me already?
  • How about letting the users decide the winner. Or maybe 50% the users and 50% the judges.
  • I don't think deciding who the winners are is a problem, just so long as the entrants have an idea as to what's specifically being judged. With 50% of the users deciding the winners it can quite easily become a popularity contest. Maybe your vote won't go to who you like the best, but others certainly will.
  • Hi Lemon :)
    I recall that the Zend contest (which was started after my original marathon :) ) had some issues with winners. It was complicate for judges to run all the scripts (or at least it was for me. As a judge I had to download them, fix them to run on my environment....) and the users voting wasn't perfect.

    This is why I suggested to leave it to the jury but 50/50 seems fair. The problem with the 50 generated by the public is probably..being fair to everyone and not let the person with more friends willing to vote for him win :face-monkey:

    It has to be democratic so having a user participation is somehow important. What we can do is a simple category on this forum and count the posts with meaningful comments on a code/script more than just votes !

  • Hi to you too :D

    If you having to download them and fix them to run on your environment then give us your environment specifications - make us jump through the hoops to get it to work on your box. :) After all, if they're not writing the code to run it in a production environment, the script wouldn't be worth much more than in a circle of trusted friends - not quite what I'm guessing this competition is about!

    I quite like the idea of the user having to justify their vote, should help weed out a popularity contest.

    Any more thoughts on giving entrants more direction? Although I've just thought of an idea and a half so I'm a lot more relaxed about this ;)
  • How bout an implementation of a winner loser tree or some other data structure.
  • Marathon structure sounds simple.. and simple is brilliant! Of course the participants will have to make the source available too, for code reviews etc.:face-smile:
  • it should be based off timings with multitudes of arrays of data ... :)
  • trees would be the way to go.

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