MySQL database management
  • Hello, everyone. A huge thank you to the Dotgeek team for creating this service!

    I searched through the forum discussions, online documentation, and documentation files in my new account, and could not find information as to how each member of the community can create and manage a MySQL database. Is there any sort of admin GUI, such as phpMyAdmin?

  • hello ross,
    we are adding phpmyadmin soon (in a day or two). Till then you would need to access the db from your app directly
  • Hi gurugeek.

    It's a great news.

  • Hi,

    Do I use the same host server for the MySQL connection as I do for the sftp connection?
    What about the name of the database?

  • you can only connect via phpmyadmin or inside the server - not outside. you can create your own databases once you login. See the phpmyadmin topic for details
  • Hi gurugeek ,

    Could you change my username to short one.
    bacause i have not able access the mysql.
    my username:ai_johnpeterdinesh

    Please help to fix this issue.
    if you make it like 'dineshy'. it will be great.

  • can you please re-apply using a shorter username ? if you want me to delete the current account let me know. Sorry but that's normally the fastest way to get this done!

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