Connecting to MYSQL using Ruby/Camping
  • Hi all:

    I was looking to incorporate the DB capabilities of this hosting into my app (I'm using Camping). Unfortunately, I continue to receive an ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished.

    I attempt to connect to the DB as follows:

    def Texas.create

    Note, that definition is not encapsulated within the Texas module, so my code looks something like:

    "Camping.goes :texas

    module Texas::Blah

    def Texas.create

    This is my first time using camping, so if I need to put that statement elsewhere, I have no clue (and haven't seen any thorough tutorials).

    Here are the details I use to attempt and connect to the DB:

    adapter: mysql
    username: ai_wokkaflokka
    password: REDACTED
    database: ai_wokkaflokka

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • may be you should specify the host too else it won't connect
  • Hmm. I tried as well as localhost, but am having some issues.

    It's no big deal, I'll probably just wait until y'all have PHPMyAdmin.

    By the way, thanks for everything.
  • you are a godsend!

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