PHP admin returns #1045 Error for login
  • phpmyadmin found here:

    returns error #1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server

    Im using ai_brandonkreisel as a username
    and the password associated with the account.

    Am i doing this wrong?
  • try resetting your should work fine
  • I reset my password using the tool on your site. Still could not connect to phpmyadmin.

    I'm also having trouble connecting to the mysql databse for wordpress.

  • working on it will email you later today with a solution or a new pw :)
  • any update @gurugeek? Also, thanks man for the hosting. It's a stellar service
  • not yet but will go through it today!
  • Hi Brandon,
    We found out that mysql is only accepting usernames up to 16 characters long so we had to cut your username to just "brandon". Please try again using the new username. We also have to rename your sftp username to keep our automated maintenance scripts working. I hope it's not such a big inconvenience for you.
  • Awesome, thank you so much. I was quite confused for a while. I did a password reset as per @gurugeek's request. Is it possible for me to change my password to something memorable rather than the gibberish that was generated?

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