replcament of my free hosting url
  • Hi dotgeek team,

    On my approved web hosting, I misspelled my name and typed neidlbardos instead of neilbardos. I would like to ask for a favor guys. Can you change it to neilbardos? if that would be possible. Or remove and replace it with I would really appreciate if you guys can help out with this one. Thanks! More power!
  • I can delete the account and you can apply for a new one with the right name ?
  • it would be fine sir. How long will it take? Thanks! :D
  • can you send me an email once my account is deleted? thanks a lot! :)
  • did you re-apply ?
  • not yet sir. I was waiting for you to delete it. Should I re-apply? It says that my email is already in your database, something like that.
  • when my registration was submitted, this is what the error is, Sir, "email is already taken"
  • done you can re apply now
  • Thanks a lot sir! :)

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