request for a script
  • Ok the thing is, I stumbled upon this little place, and figured hey why not ask them. I am not 1337 in php or very many net scripting languages, and what I am trying to do is run a dynamic webcomic site. However the things that I would like to do are beyond my abilities so I am on a search for help. What I need is a script that can use a database to keep comics and news otherwise known as "rants" stored and loaded with in an already set up page preferably by using an admin login panel. The system would have to store by a comic ID and be able to be titles and navigated using start back next and home buttons as well as a jump menu, and the rants would have to load as assigned to various comics. For example every comic loads with a rant posted at that time. I have tried to pick up php myself and really can't seem to get it down and I fear breaking my site. Any help is much thanked for and will receive credit on my site. My e-mail incase of need of direct contact is .

    Thanks for your time
    -Jason Kidrowski
  • i would gladly help you out. i am always doing side work, whether it be helping or coding. hit me up at jonkushner at gmail dot com.
  • Wow, its nice to see such a nice kind responce. :)
  • THATS Because im such a nice guy. HA. Just kidding.
  • well i shot you an e-mail, i didn't think you'd be on the board :/ so read it and get back to me. e-mail is easier for me to moniter XP
  • are yiou looking to have someone write it or help you? if you want it done, send a spec sheet with details and well go from there. as far as help is concerned, thats just gonna be talking
  • would you please send me a php code about registration?
  • i have to give a project by php about registration and i couldnt now i have 1 week to present it and i have nothing .please help me if anyone know.
  • wouldn't that be cheating pardis?

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