Any possibility of running Mojolicious and/or supporting WebSockets?
  • I like the way it is, I think it's great, but having these would really be awesome!!!
  • mojolicious is available and should work fine as I did test it yesterday. Is it not working for you ?
  • GREAT! I did not test it - I guess the fact you guys are advertising only Dancer made me have little hope... But now I am HAPPY!
  • thank you let me know if all works fine. We have several CPAN modules already installed and available system wide
  • Seems like it's working great with the default hello world of Mojolicious::Lite!
    Thank you!

    PS how do I access other apps that I made? redirects to
    Let's imagine I have in the same folder www/perl/bin- how do I get it to execute?
  • my understanding is that Plack::Handler::Apache2 (what we use for deployment) gets "confused" if you run multiple apps from the same dir/user so at the moment you can run 1 app but if you do need more you can apply for another account or I can try to find a workaround solution.
  • Thanks, that's OK I do not really need that for now I am fine with a single app. And thanks again for setting this up!
  • you are welcome!
  • It would be nice to get rid of the /perl path, so that calls perl/bin/, for instance if no is present.
  • yes that is possible but till this is implemented if you want this changed let me know and I will do it.
  • I've just solved this with the .htaccess file in the /www directory:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/perl/
    RewriteRule /(.*) /perl/$1 [PT]

    Looks working, but still testing...

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