Has any one used Git Push/pull to sync the webserver to local repo?
  • I am trying to figure out a way to streamline my website updates.
    My current work flow is after making a change I test it and push it to github.
    Simultaneously I copy it over to my website using filezilla. (I would have preferred to do a git pull instead.)
    Since git does not support sftp ( I saw a workaround using sshfs and need to test it out) I wanted to check whether other users have a better workflow for syncing their data
  • Hi.

    Anything incremental is great. Rsync is great, but it's not applicable in this case. However, I've seen:


    So, my workflow will change from:

    - Editing files in my working branch.
    - Merge into deployed
    - rsync files


    - Editing files in my working branch.
    - Merge into deployed
    - Upload changed files via lftp

    Would be nice to be able to use fully use an incremental system, but it truly isn't necessary here anyways.


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